Giving feedback

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In this article we will show in detail how to give feedback to other participants considering all of the possible sections that the platform could ask you to fill while doing it.

'Give Feedback' button

Depending on the configuration of your company, you can find the Give Feedback button in the following places:

  • In the Actions menu in Home.
  • In the Continuous Feedback section of the Apps menu located at the left side of the Home.

This button will open a new window where you will be able to give feedback.

Fields to complete

Depending on the configuration of your company, you will need to complete one or more of the following fields:


You must select one or more recipients of the feedback. Some companies will only allow you to give feedback individually, while others will allow you to give feedback to multiple people at the same time. In the case of giving feedback to multiple people, every recipient will receive the same message.


Some companies will allow only one type of feedback in which case the user won't need to select the privacy of it. 

In other cases, it will be mandatory for the user to select one of the following privacy configurations:

  1. Public feedback, with or without the confirmation of the recipient.
  2. Private feedback.
  3. Private feedback + manager.
  4. Private feedback + others.

Single choice question

If your company established a single choice question like Type of feedback (Positive/Opportunity for improvement) it will be mandatory for you to answer it before sending your feedback. There can be multiple questions in one form.

Short/long answer questions

Your company could also add short or long answer questions to your feedback form. You must answer them accordingly. These questions are mandatory and there could be multiple of them. 

Company values

In the case that your company has their company values registered in the platform, you will need to associate your feedback to the company value that you consider appropriate.


In the case that your company associates Continuous Feedback to the competencies they are assessing in the current performance review, you will need to select at least one of those competencies and associate them to the feedback you're currently giving. This field will be available to individual feedback only.

If you forget to complete one of the previous fields, the platform will warn you and won't let you send your feedback until you complete it.

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