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When it comes to surveys, you will be able to see results by department or by team directly in the platform. In order to provide confidentiality, the results will be grouped and not individualized, and the platform will only show results in certain departments or teams where the minimum of required answers is met.

To view reports, click on Reports in the survey and select the key indicator/domain that you want to review at the left side of your screen.

Results by area, department level and team level

You can select the department you want to view clicking on the default department, which will correspond to the department located in the superior level of the organizational chart. Once you click it, you will be able to select and search for the area you want to see.

You can also see results by department level or team level.

To understand the difference between the two, let's see the following example:

  • AREA: Matrix (2 people)
    • Department 1 (2 people)
      • Sub-department 1 (1 person)
    • Department 2 (2 people)

Department level: Includes the department itself and all of its sub-departments. In the example, when selecting Matrix, you will see the results of every department and sub-department that depends of Matrix. This means that you will see the results of 7 people.

Team level: Includes just the department itself. In the example, when selecting Matrix, you will only see the results of 2 people.

Results by domain, dimension or item

You can view results on a general level or in a more detailed way by dividing them. 

The default view of results is global and shows results by domain.

To see the details of a domain and its dimensions, you can click the specific domain or change it by clicking the KEY INDICATOR dropdown located at the left side of the web report.

Inside the domain, you will see its sub-dimensions and click on them to view the results of items or questions.

Sections of the web report

General overview

  • General average: General average of the results of a domain, dimension or item.
  • Evolution: Graph of the evolution of results in time as a comparison of past surveys.
  • Sub-departments: If you're viewing results by department, this will show you the scores of its sub-departments.
  • Dimensions: Score of every dimension.
  • Questions: Score of every question/statement and the best ones.
  • Demographic groups: Show scores according to a defined criteria. There are predefined parameters as gender but you can also configure additional criteria.

Table of items

It's the table of every item or question asked including the distribution of the answers and a comparison graph of past surveys. If you want to manage results comparison, see this article (in Spanish).

Open-ended questions

Select a question and you will be able to see all of the anonymous answers. 

Table of results

Shows a matrix where rows are dimensions and columns are departments. With this, you will obtain a more detailed view of the scores and identify positive or negative patterns in every dimension and item.

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