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A competency is a group of behaviors (statements or questions) that belongs to an assessment domain. It is used by reviewers to measure certain aspects of a reviewee's performance.

A competency could consist of a unlimited number of behaviors in order to measure it correctly. 


  • Domain: Performance.
  • Competency: Communication.
  • Behavior: Can express their ideas with clarity.

Create a competency

You can't create new competencies if a performance review process already has results. To create a competency, you must create a domain and an evaluation type first.

1. Click Configuration.

2. Click Competencies.

3. Click List of competencies.

4. Select the domain which you want to associate this new competency to from the list.

5. Click Create competencies.

  • Associated evaluation type: Every competency must be associated to an evaluation type  previously created for the process. Every behavior grouped under this competency will be assessed using the same evaluation type.
  • Code: Unique code of the competency you are creating. It can't include special characters or spaces. Example: communication4567 (name of the competency + process number).
  • Name and description: Name and description of the competency that will be seen by reviewers and reviewees when assessing.

6. Once you are done, click Save.

7. The competency will be created in the table of competencies of the domain.

After creating a new competency, you must create the behaviors that will be used to measure it. Please see this article to continue with the implementation of your performance review process.

If you would like to edit an existing competency, please see this article (in Spanish).

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