Managing accesses and permissions in a performance review process

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This option is available for process admins only. In order to assign permissions, the user must exist in the masterlist.

In the Accesses and permissions section of your performance review process, you will access the list of all of the users that currently have accesses and permissions assigned. You will also be able to assign new accesses and permissions to other users and also manage them.

Add a new user

1. In Accesses and permissions, click Create user.

2. Use the search bar to select the user you want.

3. Indicate which type of access the user will have.

  • Admin: They will have complete access to the process without any restrictions.
  • Manager: You must assign them certain departments and certain permissions.

4. Click Save changes.


In the list, select the department to which the user will have access to. You can give access to more than one department and different types of permissions for each one as well. 

What does a manager have access to?

  • Department: Mandatory. Select which department the user will see first when entering the Monitoring or Results section. You can select just one department at a time.
  • See results: Allows managers to access the global and individual results of the selected department.
  • See monitors: Allows managers to access the Monitoring section to view the progress of the select department in all of its monitors.
  • Include sub-departments: Allows managers to access not only the selected departments bul also the sub-departments that exist below the department itself. If not selected, the user will only have access to the main department and won't see its sub-departments.
  • See action plans: Allows managers to see the action plans of the selected department.
  • Create action plans: Allows managers to create actions plans for the participants of the selected department.
  • Allow administration: Allows managers to send reminders from Monitoring to the users of the selected department. It also allows managers to access the configuration of participants and the goals of the department. If you want to know more about managers with administrative permissions, please check this article.
  • Download global reports: Allows managers to see the Reports section and have access to download reports of results (personalized and predefined) and reports of action plans of the selected department. The manager must have the See results permission assigned in order to download reports.

Once you add a new user, you will have the chance to send them an invitation. To do so, follow these steps: 

1. In Accesses and permissions, search for the user you want to send an invitation.

2. Select them from the list.

3. Click Actions and select Send e-mail.

4. The platform will show an editor where you will be able to write the invitation.

5. Once you are done, click Send.

6. Confirm the number of users this message will be sent to and click Send now.

Review and modify accesses and permissions

1. In Accesses and permissions, search for the user.

2. Click Edit located at the side of the user.

3. You will be able to edit and modify the current permissions that the user has.

  • If you want an user to stop having access to one department, just click on the close button located at the right side of the department.

4. Click Save changes.

Delete users from accesses and permissions

If you want to delete a user and all of their accesses and permissions, follow these steps:

1. In Accesses and permissions, search for the user. 

2. Select them.

3. Click Users.

4. Select Delete user.

5. Confirm the action by clicking Accept.

This action only deletes the accesses and permissions given to the user but it doesn't remove them from the process in case they are also participants of it.

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